Ajin- Nagai 亞人

亞人Figure 出得好少,可能木乃伊”甩布造型”都成為玩具商難題.
故事之後啲布越包越緊, 我估計是方便生產

這”甩帶”亞人作品, 只可利用3D Printer 打印 , 因為現有打印機體積比較細, 要Print 四底才可完成。

Started reading Ajin comics years ago, maybe it’s not as popular as the Dragon Ball or Onepiece in Japan, still I loved the plots of this amine and its fantastic story line; exciting to hear the first live action film of Ajin was released recently as the movie itself can help appealing more fans all around the world.

I believe that it is difficult for producing the loosely bandage molding from the toy maker, it is not something that can be injected into mold easy, that why I guess there’s no much figures we can find in the market.

Due to small size of 3D printer, it need to print 4 bases to complete this art piece. Hope you guys like it.

–  Scale 170mm

– Size: Height 170mm

– Artwork Date: December 2017

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