Alien Wall Art



3D File

Alien Wall Art
This is my last piece of work in 2021. Crafted 1 to 4 episode of Alien Film with actress for weeks from sketch to completion. It can be displayed as a statue with a stand or a wall art. May encounter some big challenges for further printing work.
Painting Procedure
Step 1: Apply a glossy black base coat with blue lighting effect
Step 2 : glossy black base coat with dry brush in gray
Step 3 : Spray assorted clear color paint and apply a glossy coating for coverage and protection.
Honestly, the painting task for Alien or Predator series maybe not quite hard as neat painting skill is not essentially required. Three single painting step have different style and effect and I am really enjoyed for painting this artpiece.
上色過程第3步:噴上混色透明油 最後加上光油
-Wallart Height: 412mm
-Include display stand : 423mm
-Artwork date: February 2022 

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