3D Drawing

Alien 1979

玩具買得多畫就畫到傻,話晒原著由超現實名設計師H.R Giger設計,當然不簡單,畫既過程超辛苦,但多得有異形迷朋友畀咗好多意見我,最后都畫埋扮異形既演員~Bolaji Badejo
自問整體畫唔到原著5成, 望各異形迷不要見怪~~^_^


I love HR Giger works so much, especially creature of the Alien. It was really hard to follow every details while appreciating Mr Bolaji Badejo who portrayed the Alien creature in the original 1979 Alien film mused my work.
lt maybe only half-looking like on the original and hope you guys still like it.

Special thanks to Sun for refining.

–  Scale 120mm

– Size: Height 210mm

– Artwork Date: July 2017

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