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3D Drawing


Hottoys果隻Alita我都有訂 ~但都忍唔住要畫埋第一套甲,由於花紋太幼要加深才可打印,所以3D圖上啲花紋會較實物深

Alita 上色首辦 慢慢發覺一個人做唔切,開始要外判比返啲專業人仕做,面相由“低調大師”上色,頭髮搵咗Grace姐操刀剪,衫褲仔就畀裁縫師度身縫製,其他工序當然自己整返啦,盔甲參照官方設定圖和劇照,其實我都分唔清楚係象牙白或全白色😅,我自己就選擇咗噴白加少少米黃,期待訂左既朋友會油出其他效果啦

Have ordered the Alita figure from Hottoys but would still love to make the white armor version as well. The decorative pattern on the armor shown in the 3D drawing will deeper than the physical artwork for printing.

Feel happy to start collaborating with many specialists in different work tasks for this artwork. Big thanks to Low Profile Master again for head painting/ fine tuning and polishing the kit before molding.
, and many appreciations to my colleague Grace for root hair trimming this time. Lucky to find a shop for clothes and pant sewing works too. Have sculpted this artwork based on official image and Alita movie picture, a bit uncertain still about the color of armor if it should be in ivory white or in pure white yet finally decided to go paint brushing with light white beige color.

This is the very first time adding fabric accessories into the artwork. A new trial and hope you guys will love it too.


-Size H230mm

-Artwork Date: April 2019

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