Bruce Banner Accessories (Hulkbuster ver.2.0)



Bruce Banner Accessories ver Hulkbuster 2.0 改件色版


今次大膽嘗試cut咗hulkbuster2.0個頭玩換件,落刀果吓有“低調大師”指點(佢示範cut左自己果隻畀我睇),cut開時有驚喜,本身頭燈線有轉駁器, 電線可以唔使再駁,簡單做到換頭蓋還原著燈效果,畫3D外圍唔算難,難在要跟足接駁位,要print幾次先對得岩位。 咁大隻既powerpose一制全著燈我覺得價錢尚算合理,趁市場無乜點炒,大家都入返隻玩下改件啦~

這套配件最難係油返件格仔衫 (因為想跟返自己現成買果套衫,其實可以揀件淨色恤衫既),幸好頭雕有“低調大師”幫手上色。 繼MK85後, 今次都可以換Hottoys Bruce頭,好多人問點cut頭,其實都唔太難,原因是大膠是軟身的,只要可以克服到心理關口, 因為話晒都2千幾蚊, 夠膽落第一刀便可順利cut開。


My new work by cutting the original Hulkbuster head 2.0 and making the replacement head for Bruce Banner . Thanks for Low Profile Master for showcasing how to cut out the head for his own Hulk. A bit surprised there’s an electrical connector with the head (with attached image) , and no particular need to solder the electric wire back to the original, it is simple and easy to change my version of new head from the original lighting version for quick replacement. It’s not utterly difficult or very complicated associated with the sculpting part on this artwork, yet the most challenging task instead is re-matching the connection point and fitting in the original one perfectly with trials and errors.

The another difficult task for this artwork was on checkered shirt painting work as well as colour setting synchronisation with the original pattern, big thanks to “Low Profile Master” again for head painting. 
Many people asking how to cut out the original head from HT, as it costs a lot to buy and may need a bold first attempt on the first cut, yet it’s is not very difficult and the soft plastic material can be cut off easy.

-Scale: 1/6th

-Artwork Date: June 2019

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