Captain America



Captain America Avengers Assemble !! 美國隊長

原來整美國隊長都唔容易,動作都諗咗好耐,因為市場上出左太多經典動作,最後選擇了收鎚一幕,用電腦畫其實已經方便好多,但套衫真係畫到死吓死吓,件衫layer仲多過Nebula ,全隻figure 都有紋無留空白,因電腦效能問題,要分三個file去畫,最後先合併全隻,

為了想保留所有衫紋,今次試印了好幾隻並用了3倍料先出到一隻靚(呢次都可以換Hottoys頭), 希望大家都鍾意啦。

It was never easy to sculpt Captain America, I have brainstormed many different postures long enough before starting my art work as there maybe many iconic postures for Captain America that being crafted in the current market and i just want to make it different this time! In the end i have decided to make a posture of holding hammer while Captain says the “Avengers Assemble” . It was with many difficulties and have spent days to sculpt the full texture of suit with many detailed layers for this one.

For maintaining all the fibre detail, have printed numbers of sample for testing, it caters head swap with Hottoys version for this time too, hope you guys will love it too.


-Scale : 1/6

-Size : Height 300mm

-Artwork Date: August 2019

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