City Hunter


Unpainted/ 3D Drawing

City Hunter 冴羽獠 & 槙村香

City Hunter既產物市面極少有,開初打算只畫冴羽獠,但上網搵插圖時發現多數連埋槙村香,所以辛苦少少都畫一對。


There maybe not too many City Hunter’ s figure in the market, intend to sculpt only Ryo Saeba at the beginning, but after searching photos of Ryo Saeba from City Hunter online and changed my mind , as Ryo Saeba team up with Kaori Makimura are the best partners.

In order to match good quality , this time spent more effort on assembling and polishing works. For paint work, I found a professional on painting tasks and I am absolutely thrilled with the result.  Such a low profile Master painter and want to keep his identity secret😂😂, he perfect re-work showcases two classic characters from the comic.  Hope all City Hunter fans will like it too.

– Scale: 1/8th

– Size: 114x144x200mm

– Artwork Date: June 2018



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