Creation King 創世王



3D File

Creation King (創世王)
Decided to build 1:12 Creation King (創世王) after bought the SHF Black Sun recently. It is huge even in size 1:12, and the printed work nearly close to size 1:6 normal figure. This artwork features with additional Black Sun open-month head sculpt and interchangeable arm set to create the ripping heart out battle scene. Hope you guys will love it too. 
最近買了SHF BlackSun 後就決定要整返隻1/12創世王,成品都超級巨大,打印size幾乎接近1:6普通人偶, 這作品可換手以供替換來呈現劇中創世王打鬥時摘心臟的動作~另有一款BlackSun張嘴咬表情頭雕
Scale 1:12
Height: 245mm
Artwork Date: December 2022 
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