Crying Freeman- Emu Hino虎清蘭



3D Drawing

Crying Freeman- Emu Hino 虎清蘭
I have reworked the painting for Freeman in a relatively light pale skin tone, and painted Emu for better whitening skintone too , the tattoo cover up will be more vivid after the color re-tone.
Freeman is not alone anymore, here we go his wife Hǔ Qīng-Lán Emu Hino. This was my first time to sculpt Female nude figure, Hope you all be your own connoisseur and enjoy this piece as art appreciation. She features with
3 giant tiger tattooed (water sticker) on her body and a piece of cloth as accessories. Hope you guys will love it too.
今次係我第一次畫裸女,希望大家用藝術心態去欣賞啦,3隻老虎紋身才是精髓 (會整埋水貼);另外圖中既布,實物會用真布來呈現~盡量做到自然美啦~多謝大家欣賞,
-Scale: 1/6
-Height: 294mm
-Artwork date: Sep 2021

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