Demon Slayer 鬼滅之刃



3D Drawing

Demon Slayer 鬼滅之刃

好耐冇做日系了,鬼滅之刃是2019年最高人氣的動漫, 見市面隻隻figure都被炒高,自己又整返隻先。 揀了宣傳插畫圖來製作,此插畫圖來源自故事開段手無寸鐵的主角炭治郎保護剛被鬼化的妹妹祢豆子。

今次拆件過程超艱辛, 要將兩個人抱擁動作分色後拆件並不容易,其實用電腦來拆件已經算是便捷,但仍花了整整一星期才能夠完成, 真的非常佩服傳統手雕師傅的分件技巧。 因為花了不少功夫在拆件上,今次作品簡單噴色就可以,當然格仔紋都要些時間處理,但整體上色過程尚算輕鬆。

今次試玩新嘢”整水晶球”,開初畫鬼滅兄妹時已經有這想法,覺得好適合做水晶球飄雪情景,所以即刻上網搜尋一些有關水晶球製作影片,試打印幾個不同尺寸,亦油過2隻來測試效果,原來長時間浸水“水性顏料”加保護油都會溶,最後用油性顏料先不脫色。 完成品夠晒精緻,就當送畀老婆做情人節禮物啦🤪😜


鬼滅之刃 is one of the most popular anime and manga series of 2019.
One of the hardest task must be digital disassembling for this hugging posture, working long in 1 week time on detachment and repetitive printing tests. I am admired with traditional sculptor on their skill without using software for disassembling. They deserve all credit with their unique craftmanship.

With some benefits from previous detachment steps, the painting task relatively not too hard with disassembled small parts in spray painting, yet still take some effort on the check pattern shirt.  

On the other hand, tried something new by making crystal ball for Demon Slayer. Have an initial idea crafting the snowing scene inside a crystal ball.  Have searched some videos and learn how to DIY a crystal ball from YouTube, trial printed different sizes and painted two samples and found that water- based paint will be dissolved when soaking into water, while the oily paint won’t be faded. Thrilled with the crystal ball artwork and give it to my wife as Valentine’s present lol🤫🤭🤪

-Scale : 1/6

-Size : Height 150mm (include the base)

-Artwork Date: January 2020




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