Doctor Strange arm set accessories



Doctor Strange Arm Set Accessories 千手博士配件

這可能是市面上第一隻實物版的千手博士, 本身諗住全手油但要將塑膠件仿成布料難度實在太高,最後諗到將布料上的手繩紋打印出來再加以剪貼製作已成,效果尚算唔錯。 之前有好多朋友問有關十四隻手如何安裝, 其實我是用六粒直徑15mm x 5mm厚的磁石來固定的,不需改裝及怕刮花博士body, 但唯一要注意的地方是磁石接觸的位置用了膠紙遮蓋或不上色,因為磁石金屬表面較易脫色,整體是不會影響外觀的,這是我的上色方法,由於每個上色師傅的風格及做法也不一樣, 所以此色版只供參考。 希望大家都會喜歡, 期待收到既高手朋友們油得更好整得更靚啦~ ��

Happily received my Hottoys’s Doctor Strange eventually, it worths to wait, really loved the character after the Average 3 last year. Initially thought Hottoys may come with full 14 arms but only a backdrop in the end. It stirred up my mind and inspiration for making this artwork. The total weight for these additional 14 arms around 0.4kg, quite heavy fixing into the figure, I have tried different size and magnetic attraction for holding this position. However, painting all those arms following to the original clothes fabrics was gigantic challenge for this task.

All arm accessories were made of resin instead of specific fabric as Hottoys, too difficult follow the arm band pattern in details as per the original, instead I have alternatively made the paint work by printing the arm band pattern on paper and stick into the artwork, the effect may be different but still look pretty cool though. Many buddies also asking about the installation for the arms set, these are all installed by 6pcs of magnet in size – 15mm x T5mm for magnetic force attraction . No further processing on the original body figure required , additional adhesive tape is covered around the magnetic surface to avoid colour peeling on the body and that is my handling to paint the arm set this time . Different painters may have their own way and artistic style , the painted photos just for reference only. Hope you guys will love it.

-Scale: 1/6th

-Artwork Date: February 2019

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