Fist of the North Star- Bat & Rin



3D Drawing

Fist of the North Star- Bat & Rin

巴托和阿玲,也算是北斗系列內的重要角色,早期經常與拳四郎三人行,見市面無乜出呢對figure, 唯有自己 動手製作,

Bat and Rin being portrayed as the main roles in the Fist of North Star , two of these young kids accompanies Kenshiro in their starting journey. As there are not too many Bat&Rin figures in the market,
Hope this new one may bring and stir good childhood memories out. 

-Artwork Date: July 2020

-Size :

   Bat : Height 185mm

   Rin : Height 175mm

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