Fist of the North Star- Kenshiro


首次同款作品上兩次色,第一個版本是二次元色風格(八成筆塗兩成噴塗),今次版本是正常上色版本(八成噴塗兩成筆塗),大家看到分別嗎😅? 這便是手辦模型好玩的地方; 每件作品都可油出獨一無二的風格,希望大家鐘意啦~

The very first time with 2 respective painted version for the same artwork. The first version mostly in ACGN high contrast style painted with 20% spray paint and 80% brush paint, while the new version being painted with 80% normal brush paint and 20% spray paint. Anyone see the difference between? Loads of fun by painting the kit with my own unique color. 


3D Drawing

Fist of the North Star- Kenshiro 


今次參考插畫風格,膚色是最大挑戰,混合了大量顏色去油,共兩套1/6加噴底色全手油 ,暫時算是最花時間上色的作品,希望大家都鐘意啦。 

The second time crafting Kenshiro of Fist of the North Star after nearly 2 years. The upper bust can be interchangeable for this artwork.  Estimated height around 13 inch mostly like as 1/6. 

Prototype figure is unique and peculiar as everyone can paint their own desired color whether they like. This time my work was based on the illustration style and the most challenging task is mixing the proper color on the skin painting. Have hand-painted 2 sets of Kenshiro with 2 version of bust, and was among the most consuming artwork I have made so far. Hope you guys will love it too. 

-Artwork Date:May 2020

-Size : Height 13 inch

-Bust interchangeable

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