Fist of the North Star- Shew



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Fist of the North Star- Shew
Shew was the 11st character of Fist of North Star I have made
Shew is destined to live a life of charity and protect the new generations. He pleaded for Kenshiro’s life and he cut his own eyes and lived as a blind man to protect the boy. I loved his storyline so much and hope you guys will love my artwork too.
今個作品係我北斗系列既第11個角色~南斗白鷺拳の男:修迪,他能做到犧牲自己拯救他人,再加上一個不怕面對惡勢力的小孩,成就北斗世界裏最熱血的一段故事。 希望大家都鍾意啦 
Scale 1:6
Height: 330mm
Artwork Date: June 2023
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