Fist of the North Star


3D Drawing


Fist of the North Star~ Kenshiro

再加句”你已經死了” !!超經典

而且我見JUMP 50週年未有北斗蹤影, 所以今次決定Print 24cm高!! 拳四郎角色都算貪靚, 因為每次都著不同款式的衫褲鞋襪, 今次作品既衣著款式及顏色配搭都係參考返佢之前既造型, 而整體上色風格就盡量參考漫畫封面, 以鮮艷加强烈對比為主。 希望大家都鍾意啦。


“Ripping off clothes” and shout “ATATATATATATATATATATA” as well as the iconic catchphrase “You are already dead” at end of every fight are both nostalgic memories from Japanese manga of “Fist of the North Star “.

As PS4 game of Fist of the North Star was just newly released and some parody advertisements in Japan this year, all inspired me to create this fanart.

Also, there is no figure for “Fist of the North Star” being launched in Jump 50th Anniversary , just decided to print 24cm height in this art piece. The role of Kenshiro is fashionable with different costume in all his fighting occasions , the colouring on this art piece all based on his previous dressing and whole painting style is using high contrast between light and dark as Manga cover. Hope you guys will like it


-Size: Height 240mm

-Artwork Date: May 2018





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