Ghost of Tsushima - Jin Sakai



3D Drawing

Ghost of Tsushima – Jin Sakai  對馬戰鬼
《對馬戰鬼》可能是PS4 交棒前的最後一款獨占大作,戰爭參考了很多日本劍道文化, 遊戲中的武器對戰非常真實 , 設計畫面及動作相當吸引, 弓箭也做到十分細緻 , 我畫一個角色都花了不少時間, 作為玩家絕對感受到遊戲製作人的心思及誠意。
作品主體顏色為黑、灰、銀、金,其實都無想像中咁難油,上色過程首先噴黑底灰,之後慢慢由深到淺咁油,另外多得模型高手借了好多模型工具給我,今次第一次試整仿草場景,老婆都有幫手用模型草同紙樹葉佈置一下地台,從遊戲畫面變成了實物,足足花了近一個月時間製作, 完成後好感動呀, 希望大家鐘意啦。多謝欣賞!
Ghost of Tsushima – Jin Sakai
Ghost of Tsushima is likely the last major game exclusive for the PS4 before the launch of the coming PS5. What’s a amazing game to end this console generation.
The use of color, the features of photo mode, graphics and combat movement are gorgeous and realistic. And it is also one of the most beautiful games I have ever played. I am admired the developer have a great enthusiasm and hard time for creating the game with sweeping landscapes to make every frame of the game looks fantastic.
This is my very first time to make the samurai, there are many different types of armors in the original game setting, yet I have chosen the one in game cover and pick 2 helmets that I liked with interchangeable hand for replacement. I have spent a tough week to sculpt the full texture of armor in every single details.  

The polishing work is inevitable for the 3D print even you got a high accuracy printer as there are many supporters have to be removed after printing, and requires additional priming work to achieve smooth surface. After priming of the works, the neutral gray of a primer highlights imperfections in a model and then have to be sanded again and filled with modeling putty to ensure a pristine print surface before painting. 
Black, Grey, silver and gold are four main colors for this artwork, the painting task maybe relatively not that hard . I have primed in grey and black as base color first, then brush paint from dark to light color progressively. Many thanks to my friend of model expert borrowing some painting tools to make the process run smooth, dedicate thankfulness to my wife as well decorate the display stand by sticking the model grass and add the paper leaves to looks more appealing and unique. Many excitment and thrill after seeing the physical painted work out. Hope you guys will love it too. 

-Artwork Date: October 2020

-Size : Height 310mm

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