Unpainted/ 3D Drawing


一套經典日本漫畫,連載超過30年,幾年出一期,仲出緊~~細細個睇到大,都有出過真人版電影,這次設定都想跟返電影啲Texture,比例盡量參考漫畫版(因為電影好肥), Guyver女出現唔多,不過都幾搶眼~

顏色分別為動畫&漫畫版, 製作過程最難係混色,用咗好多色去溝..經驗不足..需再加以練習~~

Guyver is a classic and long running manga series in Japan, which is one of my favourite childhood manga in 90s.
This manga was released in 1985 and it is currently serialized at present.

The texture of this fan art is sculpted from the movie version but with manga scale as with slimmer body shape. Guyver Gal may only being portrayed as a minor role without strong storyline but definitely with vivid character.

There are 2 completed different colour in anime and manga stories and the hardest part in this task is mixing the best proper colour. I believe practice make perfect. Hope you guys still can like.

– Size: Height 182mm & 110mm

– Artwork Date: January 2018

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