Unpainted/ 3D Drawing (Accessories)


Heman 野人版 勞作
初初對件大隻佬骨架感興趣,所以諗到整Heman, 因為少布,多配件可利用3D 打印 ,但都要做啲勞作仔,加毛髮同皮料等,整植髮最終都係要搞到通屋毛😅

希望Heman Fans唔好見怪,我已經好努力, 但都係整到成隻野人咁😆
希望大家都鐘意 多謝欣賞^_^


Interested in the Muscular Man body figure at the beginning and think about making the Heman due to less fabrics and many accessories in this artwork, which I can take advantage of 3D printing but some additional DIY works by adding hair and leather into the head, armor and boot etc…..

Sorry for the crappy DIY work and hope all Heman Fans may like my artwork even it seems like a savage. Haha.


–  Scale: 1/6th

– Artwork Date: August 2018




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