Hikaru No Go



Hikaru no Go 棋魂~進藤光 佐為

又是一部令人懷念的經典漫畫, 前陣子把它翻看一遍,棋魂令我感受到日本漫畫既威力,就算看不懂圍棋,亦可感受到每場對奕的緊張,那份熱血實在令人著迷; 看完了,也令我學懂圍棋。唔知有冇一本漫畫是關於象棋呢?

首次用噴槍上色~~真是同手油另一風格~ (明白噴筆上色的難處,決定日後拆多啲件~~) 老婆都有幫手~底色係佢噴架!!(佢都幾有天份^_^)

Hikaru no Go is one of my favorite animes of all time, I read again recently and it still amazes me. Even you do not know how to play in game of Go, it still pulls you in with its intensity and emotion. I learned the basics rule of Go from this amine, it is really a fun game once you get into it. Wondering if there is any anime about Chess?

The very first time using spray gun for painting which is a completely different style beyond my usual hand painting works , such a nice experience and good lesson to start from beginning to completion , with all the difficulties using spray gun and get familiar with the importance of disassembling steps for spray painting, special thanks to my wife giving me big hand for painting work as this was also her first handful task using spray gun, and she totally in charge for the base painting for this artwork. Now I discover and stimulate her painting talent.


– Size: L160 x H185 x W222mm

– Artwork Date: July 2018




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