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3D Drawing

End game Iron Patriot & Rocket

整得Iron Patriot 當然唔少得埋隻Rocket啦, 這3D繪圖花了兩星期製作, 雖然套戲入面連一槍都冇過,但為了想展示佢地一齊出場果幕,就簡單還原了他們的出場動作連噴射地台,


Iron Patriot顏色都備受爭議,開初入戲院睇時可能太黑畫面出得太快,第一個感覺主體色似灰黑,但依家見到其他玩具廠出鮮藍紅色,最後又再參考了高清電影版決定採用深藍紅,再加舊化戰損痕跡! 上色過程最辛苦就係遮膠紙,用左幾晚時間,所以一直都好佩服高逹模型師遮膠紙既藝術同耐性,今次老婆都有份幫手黐膠紙﹔  有了Ironman加燈經驗後, IronPatriot 內部空間較大,駁燈走線還算應付得來;另今次又麻煩了“低調大師”幫手整水貼令還原度更高;而Rocket全隻都有衫紋毛紋所以全手油尚算自然。 地台方面就用了透明著燈火柱加實色煙效,想模仿火箭升空效果, 當完成品成功亮燈果刻都好感動,希望大家都鐘意啦!

Spent almost one month time completed my first crafted Ironman Patriot and Rocket. The color of Iron Patriot may cause much controversy among fans, the first impression color maybe dark grey after watching the Engame in theater under the deep dark atmosphere, but I spotted the Toy Factory has released the Iron Patriot in vivid blue color, I also referred to the HD movie , finally decided to take the dark blue red color with a bit rusty and war battle damage marks.  

One of the most hardest task for this work inevitably was color layering with many tape fold and shield. I have taped for nights with help of coffee smell to overcome the difficulties on many painting tasks! Thats why i am so admired on the colouring skills from Gundam painters, and yes many thanks to my wife assisting on this one;   With previous experience on same lighting works from Ironman, it is not too hard on soldering the lights and placing the electric wire on this larger Iron Patriot body this time. I have asked “Low Profile Master” for helping to use the water sticker for printing the sign and model number on the shoulder.   For the Rocket, I have colored it by hand painting instead of full spray. For the stage, i adopted the solid smoked base with transparent parts as per lighting fire pole to imitate the hoisting movement.  It was a thrilling moment after many hardworking nights and finally seeing the works be completed.


-Scale : 1/6 Size :

-Height 420mm(include base)

-Artwork Date: September 2019

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