Joker's Head Sculpt- Joaquin Phoenix



Joker’s Head Sculpt- Joaquin Phoenix


新小丑套戲真係堅好睇,睇完套戲比佢帶埋入負面情緒, Joaquin演技有超高水準,他能完美演繹出小丑陰沉的一面,新小丑又成功創造了另一個經典角色,絕對可以媲美黑暗騎士的Heath Ledger,小丑這角永遠是我心目中最有魅力的反派,簡直是神作,必睇!! 好多廠都陸續出緊呢款小丑既figure,款款都好靚,但暫時未見有這經典表情,所以決定自己整返隻,佢表情似笑非笑咁,希望盡量可以做到電影內既感覺。



Watched the movie and feel incredibly sad for the newest Joker character. That the true Joker after Heath Ledger. This is not a superhero movie and is masterpiece of art about reality without any CG. Society made the Joker and he tried hard to smile through his pain. Joaquin Phoenix did a great job with his portrayal and deserve an Oscar. Must watch. There are many Joaquin version Joker’s figure released in the market recently but cannot find the iconic head sculpt of putting his fingers to mouth and twisting the facial expression into a smile as poster cover, that the reason for me to make this head sculpt.  Hope you guys will love it too.


-Scale : 1/6

-Artwork Date: Oct 2019

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