Kamen Rider 2023



3D Drawing

 Kamen Rider 2023
Kamen Rider is my childhood nostalgic memories, it took me back when I was a little boy. I believe 70s ,80s old men are excited and can’t wait to see the upcoming movie for the Kamen Rider 2023 to come out.
As a Kamen Rider fans, I have gathered some references online and going to make this new version to my Rider collection. Simple standing posture including accessories of helmet, extra hand and 2 additional heads for replacement. Hope you guys will love it too. 
要等到2023年實在太長時間了,等唔切唯有自己整返隻,幾經辛苦上網揾齊資料後就即刻開工畫,今次選擇做了一個站立式手拎頭盔的簡單動作, 另額外多配2個頭作更換,盡量希望能還原所有2023年版細節,希望大家鍾意啦, 
-Scale 1:6
-Height: 315mm
PM me if interested
-Artwork date:Jan 2022

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