Kamen Rider Black Sun



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Kamen Rider Black Sun
Some of my friend requested new Black Sun while I making the classic Black Rider. I am also thrilled and exicted for reboot of Kamen Rider Black and like the new biological design, so jump the queue to make my 8th Rider series first even i could not find enough official reference online. Hope you guys will love it too. PM me if interested in it.
Please keep continue to follow my page for updates.
新版Rider “Black Sun”,畫畫吓Black勁多朋友叫我整“新版”,雖然官方資料好少,但正正是我最喜歡的生化款,見都幾型仔,所以打尖先畫這第8個仮面,希望大家都鐘意啦~請繼續留意我專頁的最新動向和網頁 www.marcoarthk.com 更新。有興趣可留言或PM我
Scale 1:6
Height: 315mm
Artwork Date: July 2022 
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