Kamen Rider ZO Doras



3D File

Kamen rider ZO “Doras”
Would like to present my new artwork of “Doras” from Kamen Rider ZO. This artwork is crafted based on the illustration figure and appearance of the ZO movie, outfits cover with scrap iron and garbage including
interchangeable of giant metal hand.
Hope you guys will love it. 
想畫好耐的ZO 生化Boss “Doras”, 電影Kamen rider ZO 故事中Doras是由廢鐵垃圾組成,充滿生化感,這次用了插畫身型再加電影設定去畫,另可換巨大廢鐵手造型,希望大家鍾意和繼續支持。
Scale 1:6
H: 323mm ( not including the tentacles )
PM me if interested
Artwork Date: April 2024
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