Fist of the North Star- Mamiya



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Fist of the North Star- Mamiya
Mamiya was my 7th Fist of North Star character artwork after Kenshiro, Rei, Yuria, Shin , Bat and Rin. Mamiya features warrior outfit equipped with weapons of bladed yoyo. 
The painting task is not too hard after disassembling work with easily recognizable iconic orange-yellow color for Mamiya. Hope you guys will love it too. 
繼拳四朗,雷伊,希恩,巴托,阿玲,尤莉亞後,今次到亂世第二位女主角瑪米婭,她出場不比女主角尤莉亞少,這角色選用了搖搖作武器, 瑪利婭全套分晒件後唔算難噴,加上用了標誌性既橙黃色(真係遠睇都認得出),希望大家都鐘意啦~
-Scale: 1/6
-Height: 310mm
-Artwork date: April 2021 

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