New Head Sculpt from Low Profile Master



MK85 “I am Ironman”

長達約10年的佈局,合共22部電影,終於來到最後的終極之戰,睇完Endgame有種莫名其妙的失落感, 劇中好多片段及對白依然印象深刻,Tony Stark 臨終前最後一句” l am Ironman ”超熱血, 多謝Marvel Studio 帶給我們fans多年來這麼多美好的回憶, 所以希望將Ironman經典彈指一幕變成實物,續MK50再玩換件加燈,今次地台以Avengers Logo碎裂沙效來設計。

為了呈現裂紋著燈效果.今次花了較多的時間在拆件及燈光設計上,手背面和心口燈會出透明件方便上色和著燈, 今次會用上變色LED,双頭雕另亦可自行換上Hottoys頭.


另, 這作品揾到本港“低調大師”製作全新頭雕,參考電影End Game最感動一幕,Iron Man啪手指最後一刻嘅表情,歷時一個多月精心雕塑出來,非常罕有港人全手功雕刻作品,希望大家支持!!

Watched the Endgame twice and still can’t get away from its amaziness after back from cinema. A bit down after Endgame been finished, the loneliness still lingered. It was such a fantastic movie with a brilliant end with an epic storyline from start to finish. Thank you Marvel giving us all fans a fulfilling 10 years with 22 amazing films for this incredible journey. Love you 3000.  For my artwork MK85, it is all inspired by Tony’s last act and proclaims “I am Iron Man” before snapping his fingers in the Endgame. This screenshot is shocking and will always be remembered for all fans and that’s take me to make the physical artwork. The round stage is designed by the broken Avengers logo.

This time I have bought many new modeling paint for coloring experiment. Painting task for ironman red tone is difficult as it do need spray paint in many different metal color layers with tape covering steps.  But everything was paid off after seeing the splendid final art piece.

On the other hand, I am pleased to have my local friend “Low Profile Master” craft the new head sculpt of snapping finger posture from Endgame version for my MK85 artwork this time, he cordinally made the Tony’s head with his traditional hand craftmanship in nearly one month time and it is suprising that it made nice combination when placing his head into my MK85 body. Many appreciation to someone who demonstrated genuine handraftmanship with sense of hand skill. Hope you guys will love it too.



-Size: Height 235mm (include the base)

-Artwork Date: May 2019


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