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Nebula 係Marvel出左3套, 最終都忍唔住要整返隻1/6自己玩下 。 開初以為好簡單咁畫一個女角, 但原來套衫有好多細節位,真係畫到傻。

製作中段加了件換手Parts, 為了保留衣服上的細節位, 試印了好幾次才成功

Nebula 以紅銀籃為主既Nebula顏色設定十分鮮明,油1/20對我黎講相當大挑戰 (真係油到眼都盲);由於可以更換parts, 而我又想展示兩款唔同動作及尺寸,所以加埋油左四隻,花既時間同精神亦多了一倍,但當見到完成品後幾辛苦都值得。期待您們油出另一風格。


My intuition tells me Nebula maybe a simple female character to sculpt at first, but it was some hard time on sculpting the fabric details in the end .  Have added new parts of interchangeable arm for the Nebula. In order to keep the fabric detail perfect, have tried several attempts of printing to completion and printed the mini ones in 1/20th scale this time.

Red, silver and blue are three vivid , iconic color tone for Nebula. This time it’s quiet a big challenge for painting the miniature in 1/20th scale, blurry eyes and strained to complete the task finally. In order to display the parts of interchangeable arm in 2 different poses and postures at the meantime, I have painted up 4 individual Nebula and utilized double time and energy for this time painting work.   Hope you guys will love it.


Height 290mm (1/6 Scale)
Height 88mm (1/20 Scale)
-Artwork Date: December 2018

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