Optimus Prime x Grimlock



Optimus Prime x Grimlock

雖然單單幾張相..已經畫到筋疲力盡   ^_^

今次算是用挑戰3D Printer功能,這作品總長度約27cm , 全隻總重量約1kg, 有好多件都用實芯,全隻拆分22小件,因為機細問題print約十日,如要複模諗約拆百件才可做到,因為時間問題此拆件設定不可作複模生產,少量製作3D printer的確有優勢的。


I love Transformer Movies and their graphics as well as the franchise figure collection . As Far as I heard , there’s only a Japanese company of Prime 1 studio launched figure of grimlock in the current market, yet price so expensive and too oversized for collection purpose. It gives me a reason to challenge myself by sculpting this mechanical dinobot. There is no official detailed images for reference, just drew it based on some searched pictures from internet and created with my added imagination, some original details maybe skipped.

This artwork was very challenging and I spent 3 tough weeks to complete the sculpt.  The work was printed in 10 days with 22 small solid assembled parts .   The configuration is relatively complex for this dinorobot , it is difficult for casting and need additional steps printing out pieces by pieces. I am exhausted but full of joys. 



Grimlock: Length 27cm x Height 24cm

Optimus Prime: Height 9cm

-Artwork Date: October 2017


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