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The Predator 2018
The Predator 2018 這套戲都上映了幾年, 但市場上還未見到有出1比6的figure,唯有自己又整返隻。 此作品有兩個上半身作更換, 可同時展現出兩個極具型態,一款是全武裝冷靜狩獵型,及追加了一款是裸半身的張牙舞爪型,還附有兩款面具可更換;另今次設計了獨立的支架來展示被換下的半身及面具, 實物會用上真網,面具亦可著燈
由構思到完成 , 花了接近1個月來制作,全套唔算難油,先噴上金屬色和皮膚陰影,之後再手油金色和斑點黑部分,其實不計電影劇情,整套Predator外形設計不差,更有科幻感,另加設在實驗室內的造型,希望多啲玩具廠出返呢隻啦~多謝大家欣賞支持~
收爐了🤩 預祝大家牛年大吉、牛轉乾坤、鴻運當牛 恭喜恭喜!
The movie of《The Predators 2018》 was released for years, yet not many figures can be found in the market. This artwork includes 2 interchangeable bust and 2 interchangable mask with LED light up function for the mask. One bust is crafted based on the outfit of full armed hunting type and the second bust is the naked type. It will comes with net in the physical artwork.
A designed statue stand is also included for displaying additional bust and mask. 
It has been nearly one month to complete the Predator from initial conception to final painted artwork. The painting task for the Predator maybe not quiet hard as tidy painting skill not essentially required for the monster series lol. Mostly monster painting may always come out with scattered coloring. Spray paint for metal color and shadow of skin color first and then handle the gold color with black spot pattern by hand next. Maybe there are some negative comments for the movie itself, i have to say the design of the Predator looks pretty awesome.
The artwork have 2 busts, ordinary and one is based on the appearance in the laboratory, hope the toy manufacturer will consider to release more Predator figure later. 
I will take a Lunar New Year Holiday break with my family to get some rest lol.
Kung Hei Fat Choi and wish a prosperous and healthy Year of the Cow!

– Scale: 1/6
– Height: 355mm
-Artwork date:February 2021

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