Prometheus Engineer



3D File

Prometheus- Engineer
Prometheus was a great movie and I loved it so much.
Engineer stand about 8 feet tall in the movie and I am going to make the Enginner in a simple standing posture with Elizabeth Shaw holding an axe and David head into my Alien collection. Hope you guys will love it too.
普羅米修斯當然唔少得主角Engineer生化巨人,本身角色設定身高有8尺, 所以只做了一個簡單的站立式動作已顯得非常高大, 再加埋唔太起眼既女主角Elizabeth,簡單手持斧頭造型連同生化David頭,希望大家鐘意啦~
Scale 1:6
Height: 418mm with base
Artwork Date: October 2022 
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