Robo & Bio Kamen Rider



3D Drawing

幪面超人 Robo Rider 機體 & Bio Rider 生體
The 50th anniversary of Kamen Rider with Black SHF figuarts released invoke the memory of my childhood and inspired me to make this artwork.
As a 80s middle-aged guys, Kamen Rider series brings me lot of nostalgic memories with tears of joy. RX is the first Kamen Rider I watched as a kid on TV, RX and black are both my favorite childhood superhero. Can’t wait to make and gather all my RX, Black, Robo and Bio Rider multiple transformation forms together.
The painting job is not too hard for these Kamen Rider artworks, but the most time consuming task was masking tape for modeling. Have applied a bit battle damage effect to antique looks. Hope you guys will love it too.
幪面超人Black & RX系列是八十年代集體的童年回憶,只有Black和RX印象特別深刻,加上近期市場上推出了Black真骨雕再次掀起了幪面超人熱潮。
系列咁成功其中原因是誕生了軟硬 Bio & Robo,一個主角可變身四個造型可算創了先河,今次先做機體生體, 期待我的作品集可以“四子同時登場”!
-Scale 1:6
-Robo Rider Height: 310mm
-Bio Rider Height: 265mm
-Artwork date:June 2021

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