Terminator 3 T850



In my perspective, ragged leather jacket, rusted skin surface with metallic steel robot are 3 most iconic elements for the Terminator. The painting work for Terminator is not too hard, have painted TX with plastic substance and make it look metallic and electropositive. Of course, add the lighting works as usual to completion.

-Scale : 1/6

-Size : Height 370mm (include the base) 

-Artwork Date: December 2019



Accumulated better knowledge on 3D printing with additional 3D printers acquired , printing process now relatively smooth and need shorter time. Maybe there are still some printing lines on the surface from the low-end household printer, but it can still clearly see the detailed texture in the artwork, the quality of household 3D printer is improving and yet competitive to others pricey industrial 3D printers. 

3D Drawing

Terminator 3 T850

T850早期就計劃造的,但因為Endgame個勢太强忍唔住打尖整先, 雖然新Terminator已上映,仍改變不了我畫T850的決心; 其實由T2打後的所有影評都一般, 皆因T2故事大綱同敵人都太勁了,我喜歡T3並不是故事內容,而是他戲內的造型夠爛😍露得多機械面,今次成隻主要都係皮褸加爛肉,玩埋TX換面~希望大家鐘意,

Planned crafting my special own T850 months ago , maybe with irresistible crush on endgame movie in the midway, that why the Terminator was on hold . New Terminator 6 Dark Fate movie had been released for months and still it didnt change my mind of making the T850 in T3. Personally I like the storyline in T2 more than others episode, but the battle scene in T3 with damaged black leather jacket and cool robotic surface still shocked me with big thrill. Have made the interchangeable face for TX in this artwork. Hope you guys will love it too.


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