Thanos Accessories (Gaunlet + Head Sculpt)



3D Drawing

Thanos Accessories

這是意料之外的作品,收到隻滅霸忍唔住要幫佢加返啲配件先,呢隻滅霸點可以缺少 Endgame Nano 手套呢!!
我本來只打算簡單整返隻啪手指版,畫畫下又想加件普通手套,打印完兩隻後, 再決定加埋個露齒微笑表情頭雕, 合共整咗兩隻手套加一個頭雕配件以作換件。

手套是無石亦不用加燈,今次有“低調大師”幫手油頭 (真係好犀利!!可追貼hottoys質素), 希望大家鐘意啦!

Initially thinking to craft another character at first and with a sudden thought to make Thanos nano gauntlet while received the Thanos figure days ago. The figure is awesome but I am curious why didn’t come with the Nano Gaunlet , Thanos never worn this IW Gauntlet along with this armor in Endgame🤔. Yet I can understand that some toy manufacturers maybe got announced before the movie came out and sometimes they weren’t going to spoil plot with figure release.
For seeking movie accuracy, I have made 2 Nano Gauntlets (normal one and snapping figure) with a smiling headsculpt for replacement. 

This guanlet work is without power stone and do not need additional lighting work. Thanks “Low Profile Master” assist to paint the head sculpt for earlier completion (His painting skill is nearly same as Hottoys quality lol🤣🤣🤣) . Hope you guys will love it too.

-Scale: 1/6th

-Artwork Date: January 2020

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