The Shape of Water


Unpainted/ 3D Drawing

The Shape of Water

2017 Oscars 最佳電影

忘形水 套戲簡單易明,但好多人話女主角唔靚~ 但的碓非常好戲, 隻水怪無得輸啦, 見市面冇乜figure出,自己又整返隻玩吓~~作品參考海報插畫 , 希望大家都鍾意啦。

This artwork is inspired by the movie poster of “The Shape of Water”, which was awarded the Best Picture of Oscars 2017. Sally Hawkins isn’t the pretty women, yet she is talented and beautifully acted in this movie, nice to see under-rated actresses being appreciated and she deserves much more attention. 

– Size: Height 195mm

– Artwork Date: April 2018


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