3D Drawing

Endgame Thor

雷神這個動作最難諗, 本身肥神角色動作又不會太大,但又想整經典舉鎚加換手,唯有加個地台做飛躍動作~感覺有氣勢啲麻



Thinking long to decide the best posture for Thor and go ahead the leaping posture ,raising up the hammer with the base to make it look more powerful overall.

The figure was painted in black and with color contrast mixing both deep and light matt black, all in all the task maybe in relative not that difficult for the Fat Thor. For the eyes and 6pcs of armor in front of body , transparent material was used with additional blue led lights inside. This is my very first time using the UV paint for the hammer, and find a tailor help make the vivid red cloak to make the posture with great power and strength. Hope you guys will love it too.

-Scale : 1/6

-Size : Height 520mm(include base )

-Artwork Date: October 2019

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