Wild Seven



3D Drawing



《七金剛》是日本漫畫大師、望月三起也1969年的作品。 睇過呢套漫畫既朋友仔年紀應該都唔細(我都仲未出世)

草擬畫7金剛時都未睇過這套漫畫, 當上網搜集資料後, 才認識作者望月三起也的風格及背景,這全手油的上色作品亦是參照原作者的風格; 我希望能借此作品悼念一下望月三起也大師。 希望收到既朋友仔可油出另一風格啦。


Wild 7 – is one of the best memorable 70s Japanese manga series created by Mikiya Mochizuki, the nowsaday kids may not know this manga or ever heard about some character name in the story. To be true , it was almost 40 years since this manga being created.

I got no chance see this manga after nostalgic decision to sculpt the Wild Seven fanart. A bit too late knowing master creator – Mikiya Mochizuki after gather more information for Wild Seven online. This artwork was made tribute to Mikiya mochizuki and painted under the original old traditional style. Mikiya Mochizuki has passed away in 2016 and hope this artwork may stir back all old memories to some childhood dream.

Looking forward to receiving another painting style of Wild Seven from you guys. 


-Size: Height 210mm included the base (1/12 Scale)

-Artwork Date: November 2018


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