3D Drawing

電影都上了差不多兩年, 見市面極少有Zapan figure,係時候整返隻奸角襯返Hottoys 隻Alita, 因為設定圖唔夠,只可Cap電影圖去畫,全身機械加紋身背脊, 由於3D printer 及樹脂料質素提高了,層紋相對較少,近乎省卻打磨工序, 今次上色不上灰底而是噴黑底,所以灰樣就直接分享了打印後的效果,作品超重機械感,頭雕方面配了兩款可替換的面部表情(招積及半潰爛的表情效果) 及可換手 (此劍亦可與Hottoys Alita 版的劍作更換)。
It’s been almost 2 years since the Alita movie was released and think to make Zapan while received the Alita figure from Hottoys recently. As there are not too many Zapan figure and official illustration can be found, I have tried hard searching many movie photos online, but still cannot find enough reference to sculpt. The most hardest task for this work is to sculpt the mechanical robot body and complex tattoo at the back body.
With better quality of 3D household printer and resin , there are almost no layer lines in the artwork surface and less polishing work is required, so no grey priming and going to apply the black color directly before painting for this heavy mechanical detail body. The artwork features with interchangeable face (arrogant and torn face) and hand ( the sword can be interchanged by Hottoys Alita version) .
Black and silver plated color with heavy metallic tone are the most iconic, symbollic element for Zapan. Black priming for whole body at the beginning with silver plated color for mechanical robot body, then paint the remaining skin part. it’s quite a big challenge for painting the tattoo in light grey color at the armor surface (need much patience and high concentration within the whole process) . With high distinguishing contrast on black and silver plated color as main color tone, it is not too hard complete the painting task even for beginners . Hope you guys will love it too. 
-Scale: 1/6
-Height: 290mm
-Artwork date: December 2020 

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